Dive in Dahab or learn how to dive and get to discover the beauty of the Gulf of Aqaba with our professional/ friendly team 

The Dive School in Dahab is your ultimate destination in the Red Sea


About Dahab

Dahab – South Sinai – Red Sea must be on your travel list. So its name in Arabic ,’Gold’. It lies in South Sinai, on the Gulf of Aqaba with its great underwater life, water temperature, and magical local vibe. Then in case you don’t have it already, here are 10 reasons why Dahab should be on your must-visit list….read more

Dahab dive sites & maps – from our perspective

Dahab dive sites are superwonderful with lots of variety and topographes, what is common between most of them is the easy access from shore, also good to mention that there are some Famous dive sites because they are amazing, but also some non famous but more fascinating dive sites…..read more

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